Poetry by Meleager


I want to cast a spell of resurrection

blurred waiting right here
what do I have to do

how to obscure the blue glue attached to the tooth

this is a stunted object to something speaking

jammed mineral feeling on the inside of the decompression

caught in summer

again I’m here for I believe tomorrow
the circle crusher puzzled

a biped in human rain in this size
people foil also their naïve places

lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, the setup is in the head

vapor laden

unplug the one wheel out of the bouquet
also dark carillon involvement

always I’m soaked close to the painful brightness

p.s. the last line two people

again at a loss to attach a sponge to the place name

botanist has a hand in the palm
friendly giant

show bracelet filled from the outer moat



people dropped in the case of the plum child actor

a singing cricket, you are kept at your uncle’s house

this scene is to draw the burden from Nick’s mind

others were and remained worrisome
cute gamut

ice ax made of coffee beans

Terra Cotta
a night out in retaliation for the dawn raid

a day to eat pumpkin in the bath

the other scene rests ants on a Neil fur in his apartment



Meleager (first century BCE; also known as Meleager of Gadara) was an Ancient Greek poet best known for writing erotic epigrams and compiling the first anthology of epigrams, known as Stephanos (Garland).

Fortunato Salazar

Fortunato Salazar is a Los Angeles-based writer who is the authorized biographer for the fashion model/actress/bullfighter Bette Ford and whose writing has appeared in/at The Offing, Joyland, Tin House, Mississippi Review, Guernica, 7x7.la and elsewhere.

English translation copyright (c) Fortunato Salazar, 2016.