100 Refutations: Day 5

unheimlich II

heap of words
shell of silk and grit

page located between
night and wildfire

small catastrophe of corners
door knobs, broken windows

blood and feathers


I see so many straight lines angles
walls fences rectangular windows

rooms inside with more square angles
corners made of vectors leading nowhere

but the thing is
I am hungry

I am hungry
for sinuous round sinewed
lines of muscle and feather

I am hungry
for voluptuous creamy
mounds of earth sand and flesh

I am hungry
for unruly expanses of unbound sound
spilling over ponds singing clouds

I am hungry
for layered tufts of silk and pistils
quivering quills and lines of rain that don’t
stop moving when they reach my skin

I am hungry
and I am unstoppable

I am hungry
and my hunger is boundless
and irreverent

I am hungry
and I am done with your merciless greed
your colorblind rules and walls

I am hungry
and I am multitudes of possibility
and infinite breath and light

I am hungry
do not stand in my way


María José Giménez

María José Giménez is a Venezuelan-Canadian poet, translator, and editor working in English, Spanish, and French. Assistant Translation Editor for Anomaly (fka Drunken Boat), María José is a recipient of the 2016 Gabo Prize for Translation and fellowships from the NEA, The Banff International Literary Translation Centre, and the Katherine Bakeless Nason Endowment. Published translations include Edurne Pasaban’s memoir Tilting at Mountains (Mountaineers Books, 2014), Alejandro Saravia’s novel Red, Yellow, Green (Biblioasis, 2017), and a chapbook of poems by Mara Pastor, As Though the Wound Had Heard (Cardboard House Press, 2017). Learn more at mariajosetranslates.com.

María José Giménez

These are not translations, but rather English poems written by author/translator María José Giménez.

Copyright (c) María José Giménez, 2018.