100 Refutations: Day 53


Like the wind stirring up what has been lost…
I return to look for them to no avail:
dismembered, they left with the echo of the world
Misplaced, abandoned, bewitched
to the beat of “New York, New York”
Scattered leaves, pigeon droppings
they let their owner loose to raindrops
the ocean drinks up my groove,
my recollections,
splashing the shifting of memory:
“Blowing in the wind” Bob Dylan
is singing.


Maria Farazdel

Maria Farazdel is a native of the Dominican Republic who has lived and worked in New York since the age of 17. She received her BA from Hunter College, MA in Education from Fordham University, and PhD in School District Administration from Long Island University. Formally an Assistant Principal, she has taught English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education. She is a member of Dominican Poets USA and the literary group Camila Enriquez Ureña. She is the author of the books My Little Paradise, Amongst Voices and Spaces, and Laberinto de la Espera.

Maria Farazdel

This poem was not translated, but rather written in English by Maria Farazdel.

Copyright (c) Maria Farazdel, 2018.