100 Refutations: Day 25


I come,
I go.
And then I think.
That it’s all the same
here or there.
There is
no place
That here,
like there.
I am
what people call
a “stranger.”
And like a stranger
I will come
and go.
Until here
like there.
Neither I
nor anyone
will be.

The Presence Denied

I always felt sorry for
he who did not know how to love me…
I was born to distant stars
alone at dawn…
My wings are useless
on earth’s shores.
You are a small man
and cannot reach my flight.


Clementina Suárez

Clementina Suárez (1902-1991) has been called the “matriarch of Honduran letters” and was well known during her lifetime as a writer, a supporter of the arts, and someone who defied contemporary cultural norms and expectations of womanhood.

Janet N. Gold

Janet N. Gold is a retired University of New Hampshire professor of Latin American culture and literature.

Copyright (c) Estate of Clementina Suárez. English translation copyright (c) Janet N. Gold, 1995.